Monday, 22 March 2010

Alice (Hyper-real) Textured

So far so good. Textured the cloths and face of Alice. Still a WIP of the hair and eyelashes to modify. Overall I'm happy with outcome.


Zbrush sculpts of Alice

Monday, 15 March 2010

Hyper-real character (collaboration)

Hello, currently im texturing a hyper character i've been asked to model and texture for a T-rex project in collaboration with fellow students at uni. The character I'm modelling is a girl running away from a T-rex but unfortuantely ends up in the T-rex's stomach hahaha! Currently is going well and im happy with the way things are going, I will post more updates soon!! :D

Fire Test

I tried some fire tutorials and tests for my mech for the flamethrower to see if i could achieve a desired effect. They both came out better than i thought, i went into premiere to add some sound for a more true home cinema experience (joke lol) I used the 3ds max 2010 plugin Fume Fx (is very nice I like!)