Thursday, 27 May 2010


You win some you lose some...

Fighter WIP

Zbrush is coming along nicely learning a lot of tools. Nearly finished modelling then i will polypaint.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Mech Flamethrower

Flamethrower from a different camera shot and better angle. I'm trying to create a liquid type of fire so at the moment just adjusting the simulation and parameters of the fumefx and particle emmiter values.

Monday, 24 May 2010

End of year (nearly) short summary

So il keep it short (short enough anyway), the past year has been an experience and a half having being an artist for a year and finishing uni this year I have successfully achieved what I wanted to achieve and further. Originally my path was towards video games but after collaborating in a T-rex short feature (link on side --->), I created a hyper real character giving me a learning curve to becoming open to anything from video games to feature films. I have studied with a bunch of wicked students/friends and has been an eventfull 3 years. Times have been tough but you fall down and you just pick yourself up stronger with motivation and initiative.

The year has been a very innovative and creative year for me and I'm more than happy and looking foward to what lies ahead for me in the future.

Zbrush WIP

With the help of anatomy for the artist and other scupting books and tutorials im progressing myself with zbrush to become fluent with the tools of the software.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Character run

My character has been rigged, skinned and animated by Sarah Crossman (absolute life saver) i animated the axe but everything else including the cloth modifier on the piece of geometry in from of the legs is done by Sarah. I'm happy with the outcome and is nice to see my character have some life in him :D
(for some reason the something wierd happens through the clip but you can get the idea)

More Unreal Engine

I thought I would have a go at adding my Titan mech machine into the engine so I did :D came out well and also the weapons shot againt the geometry which had collision which I have also shown. I didn't do my whole mech because of time plus it's massive so wouldn't be able to see all the machine. I'll do it one day soon though!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Game Engine

So here is my character WIP in the Unreal Engine. the Unreal Development kit was tricky at first but all in all took an hour to get my model with textures - (that go in seperately, pulling my hair out :D) Using the VCTF-Sandstorm environment (one of Unreal Tournamnets 2 Blacks playable levels) was best suited for my character with the desert textures etc. The last image is to prove i havent composited my model in :p
Need a few tweaks on the spec and normal maps and then 'hey presto'..

Environment WIP

Two 3ds max scanline renders of my environment so far. Going well but bits pretty much everywhere to tweak :) Increased the colour of the darker orange to a more yellow/white colour so the environment hopefully is fully visible on all monitors.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Few environement props

Additional WIP

A few additional models based around my gladiator thought would be nice to model and learn addional skills of modelling and creating bump maps without using zbrush or mudbox :D

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Environment WIP

Depending on what monitor you have depends on how you visually see this (obviously lol), but thought id point it out as having a 24inch LED 8million:1 contrast and a TrueHD monitor really differs to the uni monitors haha, is extremely vibrant and bright at home but at uni need to bump the light parameters up a bit.. Anyway about the work, im really happy with how its going, had some really good feeback especially about the lighting so I'm happy, still more texturing and other bits of debris and objects to go in the scenes.

Mech and Gladiator update

A quick render of my character so far. So far so good, still have texturing to do and adjust like the spec and bump. Is rigged to so will have him in a nice pose.

Another quick render of my vehicle as it stands, again still adjusting and texturing on the diffuse maps, is rigged as well so will have the machine in a nice pose and fire coming from everywhere as well as steam etc GOING TO BE EPIC (hopfully).

Bump WIP

Here is a quick post of my bump map from the zbrush model onto my low poly in 3ds max.